I am Natalia – a Burnout Emphatic Listening and Solutions Mentor, Spiritual Pyrography artist, and witch. I use these to help you feel heard, understand the sources of your burnout, regain control over your life and make it more balanced, easier, and all your own.Whatever you struggle with – your personal boundaries being challenged, self-care breaches, doubts over your spiritual path, or your home and interior not resonating with you – I am here to listen, support and help you find solutions.

What I can do for you

Often the one thing that helps people get unstuck from burnout and move towards change is as simple as being heard. This is what I do – I really listen to you, both what you say and what remains unsaid. I care to get to know you better, to go deep into your situation and hear those small details between the words that lead us to understanding the specifics of your burnout.We then put them in order, following a 3-Pillar structure, which we adapt to your individual needs. The 3 Pillars summarize the typical burnout triggers: Personal Boundaries and Self-Care; Spirituality; Home as a Sacred Space to Relax and be Inspired.

Natalia and her art

The healing power of art and mythology

My history of burnouts and art

I come from a career spanning 20 years of corporate and higher education jobs. Those of you who are familiar with these environments are also aware how high-speed and stressful they are, how they suppress individuality in the name of the ‘corporate spirit’. During those years, I survived several major burnouts. The last one was the game changer for me. It really made me acknowledge my needs, reconsider priorities and values, and strive to understand how I happened to hit burnout time and time again. Here comes the part where my old hobby of pyrography (drawing with fire) came as a crucial first step to get me out of the bottom. I dared to give in to a craving of a lifetime and began creating art. Alongside that, I rediscovered my spirituality, of which art was – and still is – a key part. As I dived into art, I also discovered its healing powers – expressing my emotions in an intuitive, visible, direct way that helps process and heal them. Since then, I worked to understand how burnouts happen, what the steps of healing and prevention are, and systemize this knowledge into my signature service – Personal Alchemy: From Burnout to Freedom.

Who am I?

I am a highly spiritual, spicy-humored, down-to-earth witch. An extreme introvert living mostly in my head, I love to be at my home in Bulgaria in my creative nook, with my husband Nick, our cat Empress FluffAss, and my dear soul tribe of virtual friends and kindred spirits around the world. I love deep connections, weird discussion topics (ask me about ancient civilizations, energy healing, or pyrography…), and solitude – a lot of solitude to recharge my high-speed brain!I have found my ‘home’ in the Discworld novels of Sir Terry Pratchett; I adore fantasy and historical novels, and the feminine empowerment in the old pagan ways, traditions, and mythologies.  I find it key to question blindly-followed rules, standards and stereotypes. I encourage independent thinking and finding your own truths. As you will discover, when you work with me, this is a very powerful approach to understand and heal your burnouts too. Because almost always the underlying cause of a burnout is the dissonance between your genuine self, and who you have been conditioned to be. I firmly believe that every human being, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry or national origin has the equal birthright to happiness, freedom, self-expression, and following their personal Path of the Heart. So I am equally here to support everyone of you who finds me and my service the right fit for reaching your burnout-free life.

Meet The Dragons family. Yes, dragons smile too!

With Empress FluffAss. She doesn’t care for photos

Let’s do this!

If you feel that a caring, supportive mentor is the thing you need to bring you out of burnout and back to freedom from it, check my Burnout Transformation page for more information on how I can help you.  Or book a FREE discovery call with me.


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