Authenticity – the empowered way to live life on your terms. But do you know whose voice inside you says “I AM”?

It is said that when a woman changes her hairstyle she is up for a change… After my major burnout and quitting the last corporate job a few years ago I realised something important. Big part of how I came to a burnout was that I was not being authentic, and though by choice, was […]

We are all in this life together, helping each other is the natural way to thrive in it

A recent discussion in one of my Facebook posts has given me clarity over what makes people have difficulty to ask for help. The answers confirmed what I have seen with many people, myself including, as reasons to find it difficult to ask for help. It comes down to 3 groups of “stoppers”. 1) Fear […]


Who are my fellow creatives here? From painting and art, to cooking, to keeping your home and/or workspace neat and expressive of your creative nature – have you been through yarnover? I know I certainly have. I get to put frantic order to my art supplies or any other area of my home, studio, kitchen, […]

Hiking out of my zone of familiar discomfort

I spent most of my life sitting. School, university, 20ish years of office jobs; my ever-limited energy level; and a bunch of other daily responsibilities; all that didn’t leave space for much movement and physical activity. Plus, I hate sweating. Building my own business, both establishing a coaching service, and doing pyrography/painting art, wasn’t much […]

Soldier on where needed. But do it smart.

I met Avery online, in my other FB group dedicated to women on their path of spirituality . A brief comment of hers under my post attracted my attention. We exchanged a few comments where she gradually allowed herself the bravery to share she is in a tougher place than it seemed, and at a […]

When you are looking for support in a challenging period, who resonates most with your needs?

When I need to learn a new skill, I am looking for two aspects in a trainer: their professional level, and their personality. Most trainers have the necessary professional knowledge. But if the trainer doesn’t resonate with me in terms of character, communication style, vibe, and values, then I feel it hard to open up, […]

Every impossible situation has at least two solutions. In Re-Art Your Life I help you find out yours

Besides the 3 basic elements of achieving life on your terms, the other common thing is how we feel when facing a period of confusion before finding those solutions: – unhappy and not understanding why (I follow the rules, I should feel happy, but I don’t) – in need of change but don’t know where […]

Nowadays, I listen more often to my heart’s desires, and choose the colors of my own life. How about you?

Mom couldn’t be wrong…right? ” – I would like that yellow dress, and I love yellow, Mom. – Oh, yellow is not your color, it makes you pale, and is not the color of Aquarius anyway.” I was a child at the time of this discussion. Since my mother was then an absolute authority, I […]

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