The Dance of Energy Flows and Burnout

This is how the dance of energy waves looks and feels like

How are the Dance of Energy Flows and Burnout related? Everything is energy. The objects in the material world around us; ourselves; our thoughts and emotions. At micro level it is due to the energy that atoms and molecules generate while sticking together to form everything. At thought level, these are the electrical impulses in […]

On Beauty Standards and Burnouts

My natural everyday looks

A discussion I recently had made me think about how much the beauty standards and burnouts are relate, how external, “official” perception of Beauty can hurt personal self-esteem and contribute to getting (deeper) into burnout. Humanity has always had Beauty standards. They have been strikingly different throughout ages but share one common trait: a beauty […]

Are you in burnout? Check these 8 signs to find out

Based on my own experience, and that of people I’ve helped, I have developed my own definition of burnout.   Most of all, the burnout is a heavy emotional exhaustion.   Anything can trigger it, anything can with time drain you to the bone, most often it’s several factors at once. What matters is, if […]

How to reduce your stress in crisis and get back to balance

My dears, in face of the war in Ukraine, and the stress, disbelief and horror it raised worldly, let me talk to you, and let me share with you the ways to get back into balance in this life-changing situation.   Just as I recovered from 3 weeks of Covid in February, the war in Ukraine […]

Spirituality and burnouts – How do they relate?

What is your first experience with discovering (or being discovered by) your spirituality call? And the most memorable one? How did it feel? And how does walking your spiritual path feels like, along the time? If what comes to your mind is “shock”, “surprise”, “insight” or even “unexpected”, you are damn not the only one It […]

Do You Remember the Burnout that Turned the Tide for You?

I certainly remember mine. It was job-related and paradox. Because how could a good job in a prestigious company lead to burnout? Yet for me it did. Just like it did or does for many of you. I came to a point where I felt like a complete incompetent idiot. You know the feeling? Worthless, […]

Personal Alchemy: from Burnout to Balance For Introverts

Your Happily Ever After starts here and now You might have noticed that for the last couple of months I’m not active with new art and posting. Those of you who know me also know that in such cases I am deep diving into some big new endeavor. To those of you not so familiar […]

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