Hi, nice to meet you! Natalia, your Art of Life Guide

Re-Art Your Life is for you if you feel:

  • unhappy and not understanding why (I follow the rules, I should feel happy, but I don’t)?
  • in need of change but don’t know where to begin?
  • desperate that this is it, and nothing in your life would change anymore
  • reconciled but angry that it is too late for rediscovering your dreams and building the rest of your life as you dream it to be
  • ashamed that you probably want too much when you want to make changes to your lifestyle according to your values and inner truth and not along what you are told you must want
  • emotionally alone with nobody to talk to about this safely and freely
  • afraid to make changes for being judged or rejected

About the service

Re-Art Your Life is my signature transformation program. Depending on your personal needs, it involves a choice of 2 different 1-on-1 packages: a one-off analysis and solutions session; and a 3-months detail-oriented package.My role as your Art of Life Guide is to help you rediscover your authentic self, rebuild emotional resilience, and thus re-art your life towards the way you dream it to happen. 

The mentoring journey

This is an individual journey for those who prioritize their obligations over their dreams and personal journeys but are ready to change this. My service is structured to fully adapt to your personality, needs and personal situation. It will help you understand the individual reasons for the imbalance in your life. Together we will discover the gaps and develop effective actions for you to move forward stronger through addressing these 3 key areas:

  • Personal values
  • Dreams, goals and needs
  • Practical steps and action planning towards implementation

Through mindset shifts and reshaping your priorities, we make sure you rediscover your authenticity, inner truth, and re-art your life as a true space for the dreams and goals of your heart.

The program

We will begin with an introductory deep-dive session to discover your imbalance triggers in the key areas of your life, and the reasons behind them. We will define the individual steps for your Re-Art of Life journey, as well as the big main goal to be achieved.Then, during our mentoring sessions, we’ll set up ongoing tasks, tweaks and exercises and discuss your progress. Together, we will build the individual action plan for you to keep track of your journey, setting and achieving your goals and dreams, as well as the tools and techniques to help you. This way you will always have your priorities and boundaries under control, and make sure to not compromise on what matters personally to you.And because Beauty will save the world, and is the soul of your transformation journey, you are welcome to choose a piece of my healing art that resonates with you, on a beautiful discount from the Art Shop. That piece of art will serve as a beautiful reminder to put yourself first and follow your dreams and goals journey. 

Key milestones

During our sessions, you will:

  • Organize ‘the mess’ and put together a clear plan of action
  • Put your daily schedule under control, under your own speed and ‘flow’, with enough time to recharge
  • Get back the desire to discover and pursue your long-term goals and dreams
  • Understand and re-build your emotional resilience and flexibility
  • Get clarity about what and which are your personal values and how they are the basis to align your life with
  • Regain ownership of your life, plan and get to live it on your terms
  • Feel renewed energy, joy of life, sense of direction and momentum

Why I am the right mentor for youI am a spiritual pyrography artist and a natural healer. I have been using these gifts for years to give people safe space to share, understand and reshape their challenges on the way to balance, self-prioritizing and fulfilling their dreams.I, myself, have been duly performing what is expected of a woman to be socially accepted, for all my so-far life. As a result, I was the “good girl”, the “loyal employee”, one that performs her tasks and obligations to the exact satisfactory level.And putting myself, my needs, dreams and cravings fully behind until I couldn’t do it any longer.So, I know the challenge of fighting to live the socially correct version of a ‘successful’ life that is expected of us. I know the amount of energy, decisiveness, and even rebellion that you need to break through these expectations and stereotypes, and the prejudice against those with their own needs, dreams and goals.That’s what stepping out of the ‘zone of familiar discomfort’ feels like.What is even more key, I myself learned and keep learning how to take this leap of faith, to prioritize who I am, what I need, to be consistent in creating the life I want, to ‘do me’ and to walk my ‘Path of the Heart’.This is what I share with you, help you personalize it and make it work for you too.If you feel this resonates with you and your situation, I invite you to join my program.If you need further clarity and need to discuss, I invite you to book a FREE discovery call with me.Want to know more about who I am? Find out on my About page.Join my free FB Group to keep an eye on tips, news, and promotions.