Power through Inner Balance red coral Boho set


    Success in life starts with the mindset. And the mindset needs to be in well-set balance and concentration.

    Our minds are busy with thousands of thoughts daily, so it is not realistic to try and keep the thought and intent on the front line all the time.

    The easiest way to access it quickly when needed, and to conjure the energy of it for a particular goal is to wear with you the symbols that associate with this mindset and intent.

    There is something deeply symbolical, empowering, ritual-like for a woman in putting on her chosen jewelry for the day when she has a particular goal and state of being in mind. There is something in it of the ancient putting on armor and battle paint or ritual paint, or drawing the symbol of your goal to attract its concentrated energy and the success in it.

    And for a woman – because all women are magical creatures by nature, something as simple as a beauty accessory may turn into a powerful tool for her confidence and achievement mind-set

    The Tree of Life, Om sign and the Heart put together with red coral for success in life, confident leadership and good luck tell this exact story. Your personal magical story of power through inner balance.

    Add to it the bold beauty of the Boho style, and you have the perfect tool for achieving your goals, boosting your confidence, and make you look like a queen.

    And if you have a queen in your life – a partner, a mother, another remarkable and important woman you want to honor, this is a perfect gift for her.

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